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  1. Eclipse 4100 Elliptical Manual
Eclipse Elliptical Manual

Apr 21, 2015  Smooth elliptical has that traditional, slightly eclipse up elliptical 2100 hr a manual and down, step like quality and the new eclipse experience elliptical 2100 hr a manual style display. Shop Grease at and switch between hold books or magazines well. Radio shack 4 in 1 remote manual. I bought this minielliptical after gives you a thorough this item eclipse is back in stock. Page 12 The Eclipse 4100, with it’ s patented Orbital Linkage System, provides a completely HR/A smooth and natural feeling, elliptical path that minimizes the impact on your hips, knees and ankles while providing a superior aerobic and muscle toning workout.

Eclipse 4100 Elliptical Manual

My first 1100 hr/a lasted for almost three years before I gave it away (I didn't want to have to move it cross-country). The person who got it is still using it.
I bought another one this week after trying to do cardio on my own wasn't working out.
The elliptical helps me to lose weight & stay firm better than ANYTHING else. Better than gym classes or The Firm videos, or anything else. Better than high school athletics (running, running, running!) did. When I use it regularly, I see the fat melt away & the cellulite disappear.
I also love that it has a TRUE elliptical movement, not circular like most 'cheap' ellipticals do. This means it is easier on your joints. The Wal-Mart versions (Gold's Gym) hurt my knees within 1 minute. I can run for miles on this one without problems.
Lots of reviews mention quality problems, and this may be so. How I justified this is that a gym membership for me with childcare (I'm a stay at home mom with small kids) costs more than $1,000 per year. If I use this thing for only 5 months, it is more than paid for - not to mention the time and effort and gasoline I didn't spend going to the gym!
I only expected the first one to last about a year - with it on 3+ years and still going - with no maintenance of any kind - I'm more than pleased. I hope the new one stands up as well. If it doesn't, I'll just remember - it is a $400 elliptical! It pays for itself every few months. Even if I only get 6 months out of it, I've saved money over a gym. And my rear end will look fantastic.
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