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I want to hack the AtGames Genesis Portable and port RetroArch to it, any information on this device would be helpful. There is almost no information on this device online and it is obviously an emulator and not a very good one from what I have heard, so this seems like a fun side project. The Atari Flashback brand is a series of dedicated home video game consoles designed, produced, published and marketed by Atari, Inc. From 2004 to 2011. Since 2011, the consoles have been designed, produced, published and marketed by AtGames under license from Atari.

This will just be a quick walkthrough of how to add games to your Atgames Genesis Flashback HD. If you don't know what you are doing and aren't careful you can completely brick your unit as this instructable requires modification of a sensitive area of the Atgames Genesis Flashback HD (called just Flashback from here on out). That said I cannot be held responsible for any damage you may cause, this is at your own risk.

Tools you need:

Acer aspire 5349 2592 drivers. Philips Screwdriver

Berzerk: Atari: Berzerk.bin: Yes: Modified to Work: There is a small vertical area to the left of the playfield that will not allow you to fire. Nukey Shay hack now playable on AFP. Our gentle, yet kind, cousin over at Kotaku is suddenly showing us up by posting this excellent hack which turns the Atari Flashback 2 into a real, live Atari console that can accept cartridges.

a computer that has a working adb setup (android bridge, I will not cover installing this here, you will have to instructions on creating an android development environment elsewhere)

Hacking the atari flashback portable

a mini USB cable

a brain

general android knowledge can be helpful

Atari Flashback Portable Game List

Forgive this roughness of this instructable, I hadn't planned on making one, however a month after release nobody else has made one yet, I will make one just until someone makes a better one.

Atari Flashback Portable Games Download

P.S. Adding games to the Atari flashback 8 gold is similar after a minor hadware mod. hint: The games are stored in an obb.

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