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  1. Mar 07, 2019  FMCSA-Military-Program-Brochure-508.pdf. This brochure provides an overview of FMCSA programs that make it easier, faster, and less expensive for experienced military drivers to obtain commercial driver’s licenses.
  2. Mar 27, 2017  All motorcycle drivers must also complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation approved motorcycle safety course. Two versions are available on Fort Hood, free of charge. Details for all required elements of the ATSTP are listed below: The Army Traffic Safety Training Program (Building 4470, Warehouse Ave.).

Army Combat Readiness Center developed this toolbox to assist commanders, examiners and instructors in the management of driver training. The toolbox provides a central location for the materials necessary to establish and maintain an effective driver training program.

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By Harry SarlesNovember 18, 2015
WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nov. 18, 2015) -- More than 10,000 Soldiers and veterans have been issued commercial driver's licenses, or CDLs, since a Department of Transportation program recognizing the driving experience the Soldiers received while in uniform began in 2011.
'I am proud that so many have used this program to secure careers in the transportation sector,' U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said. 'Just as important, we want to put their valuable skills and experience to work driving the nations' economy.'
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's, or FMCSA's, Military Skills Test Waiver Program grants state licensing agencies, including the District of Columbia, the authority to waive the skills test portion of the CDL application for active-duty or recently separated veterans, who possess at least two years of safe driving experience operating a military truck or bus. Waiving the skills test expedites the civilian CDL application process and reduces expenses for qualified individuals and operating costs to state licensing agencies.
Jeffrey Skinner, chief of the Army Driver Standardization Office on Fort Lee, Virginia, said Soldiers must have two years or more documented driving experience verified by the 348, military license. They must also fill out the Military Skills Waiver that can be found on the FMCSA website. The commander must verify the information on the waiver and then sign the form. From there the Soldier goes to the Department of Motor Vehicles and takes the written portion of the CDL test. The waiver cancels out the need for the physical driving test portion.
Starting in 2011, Driver Standardization Office personnel worked directly with each state and with the Department of Transportation to encourage licensing authorities to develop a Military Skills Waiver for Soldiers. Some states took a bit longer than others, but the result is each state as well as the district now has a waiver.
The program is not limited to transportation military occupational specialties, or MOSs, so Soldiers in other disciplines, whose duties include driving a truck or bus, can use this method to get a CDL.

Army Drivers License Form

Skinner is now working to get additional recognition for Soldiers, who train as drivers. He is working with the chief of the CDL department at the Transportation Department to establish a rule that will allow Army MOS 88Ms and Marine Corps MOS 3355s, who complete advanced individual training and are subsequently licensed at their units to be able to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles where they are stationed and do a direct exchange for a CDL. What this will do is cancel the two-year requirement and give them credit for their training and licensing at their unit.


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Army master driver regulation

Army Master Driver Regulation

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