• Free download Wolfenstein 3D for Windows 10. Wolfenstein 3D is a computer game produced by id Software and published by Apogee 5 May 1992 year. The three-dimensional successor games Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, released by Muse Software respectively between 1983 and 1984, the Ap.
  • Wolfenstein 3D featured gameplay in singleplayer only (deathmatch and co-op play would only be around after Doom). Then there was that pesky code limitation that meant walls could only be built at a 90 degree angle, and all of the walls had to be of the same length.
  • Jul 10, 2016  Our software library provides a free download of Wolfenstein 3D Wolfenstein 3D lies within Games, more precisely Strategy. Commonly, this program's installer has the following filenames: dosbox.exe, WolfMP.exe, Wolfenstein.exe, Wolf4SDL.exe and Wolf4SDL - 2.Verze.exe etc.
  • How to install and play the game. The file you are downloading is a special package created by GamesNostalgia so that you can easily run this DOS game on Windows Vista, 7 and 10, without any additional effort.
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Ages ago, an overhead view Apple II computer game called Castle Wolfenstein wiped out a mess of Nazis and became a huge hit in the process. Last year, Id Software updated the Nazi-nuking legend as a PC game with a first-person, over-the-barrel perspective called Wolfenstein 3D. Our software library provides a free download of Wolfenstein 3D Wolfenstein 3D lies within Games, more precisely Strategy. Commonly, this program's installer has the following filenames: dosbox.exe, WolfMP.exe, Wolfenstein.exe, Wolf4SDL.exe and Wolf4SDL - 2.Verze.exe etc. Each episode features nine levels (or 'maps'), which must be finished sequentially. Levels are completed by reaching an elevator that leads to the next level. The player must fight guards, dogs, and other enemies while maintaining supplies of ammunition and health.

4.28 / 5 - 1636 votes

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Manual and demo available

Description of Wolfenstein 3D

While Doom is often thought of as the game that kick-started the popularity of the first-person-shooter genre, that honour belongs to Wolfenstein 3D. The first episode of the “grandfather of 3D shooters” was released in 1992 by shareware publisher Apogee Software. The full game was then released weeks later, going on to become both a critical and commercial success (selling over 200,000 copies by 1993).

The developers behind the game were id Software, led by programmers John Romero and John Carmack. Having developed a new 3D engine, they opted to remake the 1984 game Castle Wolfenstein. However due to the novelty of the new 3D engine they felt it would be necessary to make a simpler, faster paced game, and so Wolfenstein 3D was born.

The plot of the game focuses on William 'BJ' Blazkowicz, an American spy, as he single-handedly takes on the Third Reich. In the opening episode he finds himself in captivity and must escape Castle Wolfenstein. From there on he must prevent a Nazi plot to create an army of undead mutants before attempting eliminate Adolf Hitler himself.

While revolutionary at the time of its release, by today’s standard the levels are simplistic in both design and appearance. There’s no map, the number of weapons are limited. Yet, the gameplay is fast and frantic and that exactly how it’s meant to be. Wolfenstein 3D was only ever about the shooting, and that it does very well, even after so many years.

Review By Richard

A copy of Wolfenstein 3D can still be bought online at 3D Realms.

Wolfenstein 3D has an addon available: Wolfenstein 3D Super Upgrades, don't miss it!

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Comments and reviews

Turrican is the best2019-04-284 points

DURHAM FRANCIS wow, you're such an idiot! W3D was AWESOME!!! go play that shitty Call of Duty of yours! if it wasn't for W3D the FPS genre wouldn't exist! you're an asshole, that's all. there, here's my respond to ya and I ain't afraid to replay to a shithead like YOU!

rm1beavis2018-08-29-6 points

I bought the commercial version of this 100 years ago, and recently found the manual. i recall the last 2 levels had the mad doctor on the 2nd to last, and adolf on the final one. Is that what is downloadable here, since I understand there's still a version of this commercially available? Also, I remember the cheat code: IDKFA, for 'very happy ammo'. Was that for wofenstein, or doom2, which I really played the crap out of.

Durham Francis2018-08-22-43 points

This games SUCKS, and anyone who likes it is a total IDIOT.
I dare anyone to reply to me, but I know you won't because you're all too AFRAID.

phrozen2018-07-121 point

A classic.
For cheaters: if you press letters 'M' 'I' 'L' together at the same time, you'll get all the goods ;-) Have fun!

asdsdsad2018-07-03-2 points

Hey, why are all downloads on this site not available? when I try to download a game from this website I get an error message and the download is not showing!

Karl_Fairburne7772018-06-20-6 points

Cant launch it on Windows 10

Jester2018-03-263 points

If you like games like Wolfenstein, you should look for the channel HoFPG on YouTube. very nice archive with many games of this kind

Rich E Rich2018-01-010 point

Happy New Year All !!!
How many of you Wolfers out there found the hidden room with a sign telling you to call a toll free phone # and say “Aardwolf” ?
I don’t recall the level but it is very very very deep into what my brother & I named “The secret passages from HELL”.
You only see the sign if you come to the room from the correct direction.
Good luck finding it!
Been almost 30 years. Now I want to hook up my ‘90s PC I built and find the disk with my Game-Saves.

lonewolf2017-12-230 point

beautiful game

mody2017-09-07-1 point

it is amazzing

psxdriverplayer2017-06-04-2 points

The Apogee version is 1.1 with the elevator glitch in E1, the Activision one is 1.4. Been playing this with DOSBox, as closely as originally intended. Did you know that you can change various settings in-game? I've put sound options suiting me and changing controls to WASD and ARROW KEYS doing everything (good scheme really). Having a blast. Except with those pushwalls at times in later Floors. The lack of automap is not an issue for me. Though I don't use sourceports in the first place. (As you can see, you can have WASD scheme with DOS too. Have you people ever experimented with menus? Seems none of you haven't.)
To people complaining this is not abandonware: it sort-of is and is not, as version 1.4 is the one they still sell everywhere, but you can't get version 1.1 anywhere except from something like this site, or if lucky, second hand.

GuyFawkesGaming2017-02-111 point

So what exactly is ultrawolf? is it just wolfenstein with ultrasound support?

cod fanboy2016-11-27-14 points

my health wont regenerate help needed pls

Nick2016-10-293 points

Why nazis sounds at UtraWolf are high pitched?(same for dogs and doors)

Nav2016-10-210 point

Very Good Game. Despite repeated inferences of not to share this game on the game start. It still works.

madmonty123452016-10-080 point

I lost hours of my life to this game, and still do to its modern variants. It like Doom just changed first person gaming forever. A must have classic but be warned, very addictive!

D. Norton 862016-09-16-2 points

This is arguably the second best shoot 'em up game of all time, with first being Doom of course. KILL THEM ALL !!!!!! :D :P

Dave2016-06-244 points

Download the Activision version if you are having trouble with the others. Need to use DOSBOX.

Marco2016-06-050 point

Jogador inveterado do Wolf. É bom poder jogar novamente. Obrigado.

ravecol2016-05-31-1 point

my first original game on floppy disk

PC Master Ace2016-05-182 points

I love this game to death, but the Ultrawolf version will not run at all in my DOSBox. Too bad, the files for it look promising.

ethan2016-04-073 points

when i start playing this game on my dosbox it starts with the command things but stays there and doesn't change
i am using d-fend dos bix

Sergio2016-03-233 points

Here it is! One of the main reasons for my first divorce..

twinPRICKS2016-03-070 point

this game hurts my eyes now, but I didn't mind playing it into
the wee hours of the night as a kid though.

longDADDYlegy2k2016-01-290 point

this was the very FIRST 1st person shooter I ever played, I didn't
think the game was that great and I would get so disoriented and
didn't know where I should go, but I played for hours and hours because
at the time there were no other games like this one, can anyone say

pauloj2016-01-250 point

the very good gme , because you play very hours and do not stop for brake cofé:)

wolfplayer2016-01-081 point

hey ! do you all remember that part when you're running down an hallway and shooting at nazis? yep, i liked that part !!that was fun !!

wolfplayer2016-01-080 point

yep,i like this game too !! i sit around and play it every night, or every other 2 nights at least !!

REGREGREG2016-01-081 point

boy,this game is great !!

Lei_Trigar2016-01-042 points

Just wanted to add, on the Original Apogee version, the elevators that take you to Floor 10 do not work.

FaizByp2015-12-180 point

why wolf3d doesn't work on my dosbox??

CYBER JOBE2015-10-26-6 points

my eyes were rally beady in 1992 but now my eyes are even beadier and beadier afdter ive using lot of drugbvs amd methampheamines and inhalants !!

CYBER JOBE2015-10-261 point


tybo100002015-10-180 point

This is a great clasic game, but using an emulator is no fun. Gotta pull out the old Pentium 133 and MS DOS 6.22 for this!

PIRATE_BASTARD2015-10-090 point

oh ,i was just reading earlier comments. to anybody says it doint work on your newer fancy computers, well, you ned to learn how to use dosbox ,or use that EC WOLF engine i mentioned (ec wolf engine is the best

PIRATE_BASTARD2015-10-091 point

and i want to thank all moderators of this great abandonware site for loving all of these old games too ,MYABANDONWARE IS THE BEST EVER !!!

PIRATE_BASTARD2015-10-091 point

you need to download the EC WOLF engine these days though.yep,i agree !!ts the best engine for the game nowadays. its still fun to play too,i played it for hours and hours

PIRATE_BASTARD2015-10-091 point

be sure everybody order all of them from apogee these days ,ok? lol. oh, and order all of the cluebooks too !!
well,i played through this game again a few months ago and really enjoyed it.

PIRATE_BASTARD2015-10-091 point

oh,this is an classic !! great games

pangi2015-10-041 point

this doesnt work on 64-bit systems

Cyril2015-10-040 point

I have a stand alone Mac OS X version and Windows 7 easy to install too.
(No configuration, and no emulator installation requiered)
Send me a message for information : cyril.barbato@gmx.com

Berend2015-08-310 point

Ik vind het een super spel

Comedy4212015-07-030 point DOS version

Wolfenstein is dumb and totally fun

reble2015-06-222 points DOS version

what is the ultra wolf? I downloaded it and it locks up Dosbox when I try to run it.

andersonloko082015-06-182 points DOS version

use the dosbox program to emulate the DOS ambient and play the games..

moo king2015-05-131 point DOS version

what is the ultra wolf download?

Ivan2015-05-083 points DOS version

the king of shooters

LN2015-05-070 point DOS version

Great Games

vata2015-04-02-3 points DOS version

ok nix shit

Aardvark2015-03-140 point DOS version

First FPS I ever bought, back in the day on my AT..we spend hours and hours together..! A must have oldie :)

Jemil Bayacal2015-02-19-3 points DOS version

A very good game! Wasn't bored me, or even a great bore, just awesomeness! Nothing to say more.

Nukey2015-02-050 point DOS version

Can't run the game or install or any of that jazz..help? Suggestions? Obvious facts?
Any help is appreciated. :D Thanks!

dude2015-01-09-5 points DOS version

Hey, does anybody know how to get a joystick to work? Using Dosbox

Anonymous2015-01-04-2 points DOS version

This game is legendary!

kumara2014-12-172 points DOS version

i remember playing this as a kid, Really superb game.. i love this game soooooooooooooooooooooooo.much

Aquarius2014-12-102 points DOS version

I suggest to MyAbandonware to put GAME VERSION too.
As I know there are different versions of Wolf3D, 1.0 1.1 1.2 and the final 1.4
Maybe that's why some people can't see some secrets stored in their mind.

VIC2014-11-241 point DOS version

I remember playing this as a kid in 1997. It was the first game i ever played, then later Doom. It brings back the memories

CIBLUE2014-11-220 point DOS version

The secret level for episode 1 is missing. You go into the secret exit on E1M1 and it takes you straight to E1M2 instead of E1M10 (the secret level). Apparently, who ever uploaded this one somehow left out the E1M10 file or somthing.

nka2014-11-212 points DOS version

For those having issues with Sound on Wolf3D
Load Wolf3D into D-Fend Reloaded
Right-click on Wolfenstein 3D
click on Edit
click on Sound
click checkbox that says 'Activate sound'
Enjoy :-)

man2014-10-280 point DOS version

Very good game

doomguy212014-10-120 point DOS version

So much fun. Don't even try to deny it. Not as good as Doom or Quake but still.. Dayum

Anonymous2014-09-230 point DOS version

Does anyone know how to access Episode 1 Level 10 to work without cheating?

Tuaam2014-09-190 point DOS version


ClassicRetroGames2014-09-140 point DOS version

Also you can link some Wolfenstein 3D footage from youtube.com/ClassicRetroG on this page

Puzzled2014-09-090 point DOS version

The secret elevator to level 10 in episode one isn't working on mine. I checked the other secrets though and I can jump to level 10 in episode 2. Its just that purple walled one that isn't working

natefun2014-08-15-2 points DOS version

This available for purchase on steam and is therefore NOT abandonware!

Confused 64bit Windows User2014-07-24-1 point DOS version

5/5 stars, except for ONE THING. Apparently I have 64bit windows, i'm disappointed, but I love the game, I have it on my phone, wanting it on my computer. :-)

Woxg2014-07-040 point DOS version

Damn. run in dosbox the sound its work :0 :(

frankwiddle2014-07-030 point DOS version

awesome game Dosbox runs wolfenstein perfectly 8D

Mick2014-06-270 point DOS version

to get the sound working on D-fend reloaded, right clickeditsoundcheck the box that says active sound.

Steiner2014-06-230 point DOS version

When i try to launch the application it says my windows does not support fullscreen mode even thou it really is :(

vishal2014-05-261 point DOS version


Doublefudge2014-05-160 point DOS version

i cant get the sound to work

shanmuk2014-05-150 point DOS version

this game is good

Zimminger2014-05-140 point DOS version

When I learn how to put more old games on D-Fend Reloaded, this is going on. I hope I can get it to run with a mouse as it did on DOS 6.2. Old memory: my daughter was in middle school and told me of a dream she had. Nazis were playing Cosmo on our computer. Games are addictive; even old games did this. Everything does. Solitaire with playing cards intruded on my dreams before computers. Tricky (snowboarding)..I had to give it up. But I have to go back again. Everyone does nostalgia. DOS 6.2, WIN 3.1, 486DX2..I still have the old one and should pull it out.

WooDy692014-05-090 point DOS version


subi2014-04-290 point DOS version


IRRebel2014-04-230 point DOS version


DOOMMASTER2014-04-15-1 point DOS version

have the download a virus?
Is the download clean?

someone2014-04-110 point DOS version

awesome game

tufjam2014-04-110 point DOS version


ynz2014-04-070 point DOS version

Is it 1.4 ?

prateek2014-04-010 point DOS version

it is a gud game

din2014-03-300 point DOS version

nice game

no one2014-03-280 point DOS version

Wolfenstein 3d Free Pc Download


JUAQUI2014-03-240 point DOS version


ampblaster2014-03-220 point DOS version

Full-ware with saved games..Awesome!!! Thnx

Anta672014-03-210 point DOS version

Molto bello!

jacob2014-03-140 point DOS version

Wait to Dowload

manoguars2014-03-080 point DOS version

thank you

dhinesh2014-03-080 point DOS version

very good

Civnoda2014-03-02-1 point DOS version

I can play the game, but there is no sound? Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

TheArtani2014-03-020 point DOS version

I'll see if this game still works

johnny12014-03-020 point DOS version

it's the full version not shareware
so cool thanks

NITINKUMAR2014-02-120 point DOS version


indstr2014-02-110 point DOS version

Aha yes.. Everyone has memories of this one. For some reason Wolf3d gave me motion sickness though, which Doom and newer games never did. So I wasn't a huge fan of Wolf3d even though it was revolutionary.

Full Guy2014-01-231 point DOS version


Full Guy2014-01-230 point DOS version

Is it the full version or the shareware version?

Chu2014-01-170 point DOS version


Paranoid2013-12-290 point DOS version

Awesome game. This is from the era of shoots before they tried to pile advanced mechanics and a 'deep' story line. I just love running around and shooting the crap out of generic enemies!

Gip-Gip2013-12-280 point DOS version

Dos Box fixes everything.

jimmywhat2013-12-210 point DOS version

Use Dosbox to play on Windows 8 or any 64 bit Os.

aeiou2013-12-060 point DOS version

and for 64 bits?

ThatGuy2013-11-300 point DOS version

Dude, if theirs NO-ONE TO CLAIM THE COPYRIGHT the copyright no longer is in use. Who's gonna go to court to say otherwise?

BritBrat2013-10-240 point DOS version

Classic. Not so easy to play on a touchpad though!

T_T2013-10-200 point DOS version

@RobertATfm: You talk shit. Why buy of you can download? I dont care for the big players, I care for me!

Microstation free version. Flippers2013-10-060 point DOS version

Shut up Rob. People have their own choices. Bragging about how rich you are to buy the game doesn't help those who aren't. Stop being all Mr. Right. Dick.

YeahNanCat2013-09-300 point DOS version

Actually Valve 'stole' Wolfenstein 3d. 'Cause it is developed by ID Softvare. NOT Valve.
Looks like Valve just added that shield or skin that let this game play on newer op systems.
So please stop with this purchasethisgamebecausethisisillagal sanctimonius shit.
I bet you have at least one commercial software on your machine you didnot pay for...

RobertATfm2013-09-280 point DOS version

@neologo: Installing this game is easy, just go to Steam and purchase a legal copy (they cost only about the price of a cappucino) and you will be able to install and run it on any system, even Windows 8.

RobertATfm2013-09-28-1 point DOS version

This game shouldn't be on this site; it isn't 'abandonware', it is still available both from the id Software site and from Steam. This download is thus not an 'abandonware' download (even those are technically illegal, since copyright continues to exist even if there's nobody to claim it), but a full-on pirate download.

Royzourboy2013-09-270 point DOS version

The pac man level is Episode 3, level 10. Just work your way there or cheat.

neologo2013-09-14-1 point DOS version

how do i install?

Generals2013-08-180 point DOS version

Love it, how to get to pac-man??

Pete G2013-08-120 point DOS version

Tunein radio premium apk hacked. I cant figure out how to get the sound to work, I'm using the D-Fend Reloaded Emulator.

mavis9nixon2013-08-110 point DOS version

how do you get to the pacman level it shows in the snapshots

Jimbo2013-07-260 point DOS version

Epic back then

kavi2013-07-250 point DOS version

super game

joy2013-07-250 point DOS version


FourTwentyNoscope2013-07-250 point DOS version

I have to disagree with you guys, I love Steam. It's a single place where you can conveniently buy games, DLC and in-game stuff. Be grateful to Gabe Newell, he's the one that ported Doom to Windows in the first place.

DrunkenBastard2013-07-150 point DOS version

Wolfenstein 3d Dos

Thank you.

Licurg2013-06-301 point DOS version

@FistMarine: I agree about Steam(hate it, don't use it) but GOG is not the same, they make the games work out of the box, which is important for people with lower tech skills, and they sell their games without shitty DRM. So buying old games from GOG does actually make sense.

LongTooth2013-06-290 point DOS version

To play this on a Win7 machine first install Dfend Reloaded. Then download the wolfenstein-3d zip file from here.
Next run Dfend Reloaded and select File - import - import archive file.
Then navigate to where you put the wolfenstein-3d zip file, select it and click open. Dfend will do the rest.
Now you will see Wolfenstein 3D listed in the Dfend Reloaded window, simply double click on it and you play it full screen.
I haven't managed to get the sound working yet.

MsHaruko2013-06-290 point DOS version

ah yes good ol'Wolfenstein. I remember this. This was my first fps growing lol. Just get DOSBox and run it. Adjust your sound options. Believe default is off except for the music.

FistMarine2013-06-201 point DOS version

@grump yeah but who cares? Most of the old games can be bought ONLY on steam, which sucks because I hate steam, why waste money on digital downloads (steam, GOG, etc) when you can download this game for free from this place? I just can't understand this logic!
Anyway if you want to BUY the game in its original form, what about eBay or Amazon? These places are a hundred times better than shitty steam store! I can never understand why everyone loves steam and wastes money on buying games online. If you want to buy a game BADLY, buy from eBay or Amazon!

FistMarine2013-06-201 point DOS version

If you guys want to play Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny full, free & legal on Doom engine, you can download Wolfenstein 3D TC from ZDoom forums! It has better controls as well. Have fun!

grump2013-06-19-1 point DOS version

thats not abandonware
thats warez

Katarn X2013-06-170 point DOS version

This Game Was Ment For DOS, So Even If Youre Hardware Is Fine You Need A DOS Emu, To Simulate DOS Drivers

Revenge of the bean2013-06-150 point DOS version

Don't remember pack-ghosts.
The german versions funny!

the pussy destroyer2013-06-110 point DOS version

this game rocks

Mary2013-06-060 point DOS version

The sound won't work for me. I changed the sound options to what I wanted and turned the sound on, but I don't hear anything. Please help.

john2013-05-290 point DOS version

i cant get it run i tried

2pringles2013-05-230 point DOS version

i love how the germans censored the game and turned the nazi's into monsters and the- Hitler, into a robot xD

ToBeAdvised2013-05-200 point DOS version

9/10. I love this game. I was born (quite literally) just after all these good games were releases, now i can play them. Awesome.

saman keshvari2013-05-160 point DOS version

oh my god ! nostalgia ! :)

Fegelein2013-05-070 point DOS version

I personally enjoyed this game.

Jenesis :(2013-04-290 point DOS version

BIG a Bag like a Big

Shuuriken2013-04-120 point DOS version

mobile version is better

33002013-04-090 point DOS version

Hey i found a demon or Archvile from the side of Wolfenstein

pete2013-04-020 point DOS version

if you have problems running these games try down load D-FEND Reloaded brill front end and joy to key i found best to work pad or stick games.

kermur2013-03-310 point DOS version

pft: do some research, and figure it out. Have you tried DosBOX? Back when these games were current, people had to be savvy to use computers. Now any bum can fire up their pre-loaded systems. If you do the research and educate yourself, you'll find it can be fun- and you'll stop being an ignorant whiner.

pft2013-03-300 point DOS version

every game i have downloaded off this site have 'not worked with my version of 7'

semnome2013-03-290 point DOS version

sem comentarios

Wolfenstein 3d Free

Ded2013-03-240 point DOS version

The game that started it all..

Juanchin2013-03-180 point DOS version

Excelent juegazo en esos años. Me lo bajo!

anonymous gamer2013-02-260 point DOS version

Wolfenstein 3d Download Full Game

haha, cool. its funny that its only 1mb and still it is fun. :D

Duke nukem2013-02-220 point DOS version

I love this game but the download doesn't start. Please fix

Jeorge2013-02-150 point DOS version

This is the best game eva

Leitbild2013-02-131 point DOS version

Hmm.. I still can't get warm with that game..
I don't know why, all people told me how great it is (and other overhailed fanboy stuff), but after playing other, more improved games of those days like Doom or Heretic, it was a real step back while testing it the very first time.. And never played it again..
Sounds sad, but that's life.. ;)
BTW, as a guy from germany I only can positively mention the fun factor for ourselves related to the goodminded, but totally failed tries by the guys at id Software to speak german phrases for the soldiers!
'Mein Leben!!!'
Oh my god.. I was more lying and laughing under the table than enjoying the game itself! :D

Liam2013-02-100 point DOS version


Wow2013-02-070 point DOS version

It works. Thank you. I am amazed!

Bringemon2013-01-310 point DOS version

Is this the full version?
Does it include the other levels after stage 1-9?

BJ2013-01-260 point DOS version

I like the pacman level

Patton2013-01-240 point DOS version

Makes me think of of the Nazi's now occupied in New mexico, They are bragging that they are there to shoot and arrest us if martial law happens.

Jed1182013-01-220 point DOS version

He's Polish-American?
Highly unlikely in the 30s - 40s..

Ben 102013-01-170 point DOS version

very nice game
keep it up

Heinrich von Helmutschnitzel2013-01-120 point DOS version


RPQR2013-01-070 point DOS version

Great game

Jacker0110112013-01-060 point DOS version

Nice Game

oldmancharile2013-01-06-1 point DOS version

doesnt work with windows 7

JACK2012-12-260 point DOS version

just press alt enter to get dos box full screen at the same time

mkamalmaa2012-12-260 point DOS version

the game is not working

Taha2012-12-170 point DOS version

I love this game!

dog2012-12-010 point DOS version

falyu hai

Wang2012-11-260 point DOS version

Supet igrica .

MIKA2012-11-150 point DOS version

can't aim up or down but still awesome

Fanie2012-11-110 point DOS version

It seems as if a lot of the files that I download 'Does not appear to be archive files' according to Winzip software

tom2012-11-030 point DOS version

its alright

Goxon2012-10-200 point DOS version

Beautiful game. I never get tired playing the game. The many episodes and multiple levels lends credence to the beauty. I applaud the creators for a job well done.

Goxon2012-10-200 point DOS version

I have always loved this game and I never seem tired playing it. The several episodes with different levels lends credence to its perfectness. Very Fine game. I give kudos to the creators.

Deep Strider2012-10-130 point DOS version

this a DOS game dawg, you can't just unzip it and play it, you gotta have DosBox

al owen2012-09-120 point DOS version

sound doesn't work
tried the menu but still wont work

this is the bomb here2012-08-090 point DOS version

this is a grate game

Bigal2012-07-310 point DOS version

Won't download

Dinesh Sharma2012-07-250 point DOS version

Not able to install the game please guide me..

nash2012-07-130 point DOS version


RADHY2012-06-260 point DOS version


Mohsin Ghori(mohsinAKG@Gmail.com)2012-06-230 point DOS version

Hi today after Strike Commander i also did c Wolfenstein3D, another game which i did like and played for years.
Nice game with full of mystries and hidden treasure. I enjoyed it

CKOD12012-05-310 point DOS version

Great! A version with all Levels to choose..nice!
Old times came up when I play this game..

Chris2012-05-270 point DOS version

This one has the 'Aardwolf' sprite! Awesome. 100% original version.

gabrielmerican2012-05-190 point DOS version

wow it works thx

coppero2012-04-210 point DOS version

lol i didn't know that i downloaded someone's game :)

shinyspoongod2012-04-180 point DOS version

This game is a classic. The inspiration to 3d fps as we know it, it still far outshines many recent games of the genre.

amol2012-04-080 point DOS version


kashaf2012-02-290 point DOS version

marvelous,supper, fantastic game i love it.

Sinister2012-02-240 point DOS version

Get a dosbox emulator. (:

Battle_Isle2012-01-300 point DOS version

haha thats to funny but x-mas wolf is a bit better ho ho ho xD

matkiller2012-01-270 point DOS version

Wolfenstein 3d Pc Game Download

oh my god thanks alot i always search for this old game im so happy

Ran2012-01-240 point DOS version

I can't download it!! !

bendick2012-01-200 point DOS version

to run in windows 7 install dfend reloaded (or another compatability layer) and drag and drop the zip file for the game into the program.

Dave2012-01-110 point DOS version

I cant' run this under Windows 7. I tried changing the compatibility mode. Anyone have any suggestions?

manjikash2011-12-260 point DOS version

yup!!! awesome!! remembering the old days, thanks

HellBlade642011-12-140 point DOS version

Finally! A website that's got the full version! Some of the sites I found that had Wolf3d only had the damn ShareWare Demo

koti2011-12-100 point DOS version


porcokkiler2011-12-080 point DOS version


gom2011-11-010 point DOS version


Elder2011-10-240 point DOS version

trying to get this working for my father.

Vertigo One2011-10-140 point DOS version

Time to smear ze national socialist party!

dragonraid2011-10-031 point DOS version

I remember when I first loaded this up on my Wang 286 machine. I didn't know what to expect. Needless to say, I was awestruck! I still have fun playing it. Enjoyed playing around with the mapedit and making my own levels. Lots of hours put into this gem! One of the most solid of all the abandonware games!

akul2011-09-280 point DOS version

it is very difficult and adventurous game and i like this type of game.

vithal2011-09-170 point DOS version

what an ideat game

RA2011-05-250 point DOS version

How can I download it?

A_guy2011-04-090 point DOS version


benny2011-04-040 point DOS version


jose pereira2011-02-180 point DOS version

great game.. a lost hours hours hours hours hours hours hours hours...

jovan2011-02-160 point DOS version


Dk2011-01-100 point DOS version

soper is game best

QZ2010-10-250 point DOS version

Its make me crazy !!!!!!

QELiii_2010-10-230 point DOS version

i love it :) it´s so cool :) it makes so much fun :)

jenx2010-10-170 point DOS version

love this game!

N/A2010-10-050 point DOS version

ID's best game!

bklyn212010-06-250 point DOS version

Old School ,was on my puter in college!

sasi2010-04-230 point DOS version

it cool

Astrobi642010-03-241 point DOS version


Awesome Dude!2010-02-181 point DOS version

Is this the full version or the dumb demo one?

Simsib2010-02-101 point DOS version

I Like This

frank2010-01-250 point DOS version


freedom2010-01-030 point DOS version

great game, ow and lesner (and all people who read this) if you want the sound (of the doors and such, music is on standard) then go to the SOUND menu..
it shouldnt be to hard..
for sound.. go to sound

Download Wolfenstein 3d Free

Lesner2009-12-030 point DOS version

Dang, I can get it to work and all, but with no sound! WTH?

Supremacy2009-07-240 point DOS version

Still one off the epic classics out there!

Mark2009-06-150 point DOS version

Great game

yahoo2009-06-110 point DOS version

You really made my day guys, Thanks!!!
I used to enyoy this game for hours on my school days.. It was like I was a child again. Thanks!!!

me2009-04-250 point DOS version

wingsofdark, try to use another browser. For me the download is ok and this game work on dosbox. Thanks for the download abandonware.

Somebody2009-02-070 point DOS version

Use DOSBox to play it.

grjeklgr2008-11-250 point DOS version

how come after i extract the files and try to play it, i get a message saying 16 bit MS DOS subsystem: this system does not support full screen mode. choose close to terminate the application.

collector rob2008-08-040 point DOS version

game sounds and looks and works great on dosbox thanx

admin2008-06-090 point DOS version

Please make sure you have a recent browser with javascript and cookies enabled.
Otherwise you shall look for it on squakenet or somewhere else.

wingsofdark2008-05-210 point DOS version

something is wrong with this site, whenever i try to download a game it just reloads the site and nothing happens.

gphinriks2008-05-010 point DOS version

Wolfenstein 3d Pc Download

doesnt work for 64x OS ;)

Mousey2008-04-020 point DOS version

first thing i downloaded..everything seems fine
good game

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Wolfenstein 3D is a computer game produced by id Software and published by Apogee 5 May 1992 year. The three-dimensional successor games Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, released by Muse Software respectively between 1983 and 1984, the Apple II platform. It is generally believed that launched the genre known as FPS. The game's story is very straightforward: the player takes the role of an American soldier of Polish descent - William Joseph Blazkowicz, who during a secret mission is captured and imprisoned in a Nazi stronghold. Trying to escape from it, fighting hordes of Nazis, as well as guard dogs. The building is hidden secret passages and hiding, including items necessary for survival, such as ammunition and first aid kits. Wolfenstein 3D was released as a game shareware'owa and contained only one part - Escape from Wolfenstein, consisting of ten levels. Paid version consisted of three parts, containing the ten levels: - Escape from Wolfenstein - Operation: Eisenfaust - Die, Fuhrer, Die There is only one episode and the single player mode. In the full version of the game there are four types of weapons, five types of common opponents and the so-called bosses, staying at the final level of each episode. Moreover, in one of the hidden levels, creates a board of Pac-Man, are immortal player chasing ghosts. Minimum Requirements: Processor: not specified Memory: not specified Graphics card: not available Free hard disk space: not available Sound Card: no data
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