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Drumming Basics Kelley Lima With some basic knowledge and a little practice, playing drums is easier to understand and more fun! The Four Strokes of Drumming Controlling stick heights is the key to playing dynamically and cleanly. And all that is really required is muscle memory training on four basic strokes, Full, Down, Tap and Up. When you play the bass drum, you use your foot on the drum’s kick pedal to produce a thumping sound. The bass drum is essential to the drum kit because it’s the most distinctive part of a band’s timekeeping. Timekeeping refers to a drummer’s ability to play in time with the pulse of the music.

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Becoming a great percussionist is more difficult than just hitting drums with sticks. Developing your own fluid and easy style on the drums involves practicing rudiments (sticking pattern exercises) in one of two ways: with a metronome or drumming at various tempos.

Drumming the 26 Standard American Rudiments

Rudiments are drumming exercises to help you develop fluency in a number of sticking patterns. Practicing these exercises builds hand-to-hand coordination and develops a relaxed sound. The following rudiments can be practiced in two ways:

Learn To Play Drums Pdf

  • Set your metronome (or play along to some music) at a comfortable tempo and play steadily for a few minutes or longer.

  • Start out slowly, gradually building up speed until you hit the maximum speed that you can play them and still be in control. Hold that tempo for a few minutes and then slowly reduce your speed until you’re back where you started.

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Drum Lessons For Beginners Pdf

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