Jun 26, 2017  Check the number of hard disk you will install, be it USB or HDD. Run diskmgmt.msc to open Disk Management.Here I will install Grub2 for USB. In Disk Management is Disk 2, we will remember number 2 here. Grub2 for Windows supports installation. Adding a 'Windows Install from ISO' menu to the E2B grub2 menu system Download the grub2wimboot files - extract it onto the root of the 2nd partition so you have. Download the windowsinstall.grub2 file and copy it to ISO MAINMENU grub2 folder on. Create a new ISO MAINMENU WINDOWS. New: An experimental Grub2 10W now also supports MBR and UEFI booting of Windows Install ISO files - see section at end of the page on Grub2 10W. The standard method to UEFI-boot from an E2B drive is to make a.imgPTN file from the original payload file and then 'switch-in' the image file to replace the E2B partition.

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I want to do it because I want to install Windows 7 and my BIOS menu doesn't appear; it skips to grub2 menu at start, but that's another story.. Is there a way to boot the Windows 7 installation iso directly from grub2?


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Yeah, you'd think something like this would work:

But Windows will just balk at that.

If you happen to have at least 4GB RAM, you can opt to load the whole DVD iso in memdisk and boot off that. To do that, download SysLinux and extract the memdisk file into your boot directory. Then you need to add code to Grub2 something like this

How To Install Iso

However, I'm not going to even test the code, as putting 3+ GB of data into RAM is just plain wrong (from an idealogical standpoint). No, I really wanted what you want, but in the end I put the Windows install on a partition on a USB using the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool and chainloaded to that. Sorry there doesn't seem to be any other way that I can see.

Press '7' from your Keyboard.10. Sony flash tool driver 64 bit. Select “Start-Up Settings”8. Select the Restart button9.


Technically installing from windows's .iso file can't be possible. You can boot from the .iso using grub but after that Windows will loss contact with the mounted location or it is not capable of it. So both grub & Windows should aware of mount and boot. Currently Windows doesn't support.

So you need to extract/copy the content of .iso to root of a partition and then chain-load into it using grub.

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Grub2 Install Iso File

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Booting Windows XP with grub4dos

Super Grub2

Booting the actual ISO with grub legacy or grub2 won't work, but with older windows versions (i.e. XP) it is possible to unpack the i386 folder from the ISO to the USB stick, and then use grub4dos to call the bootloader:


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This won't work with newer windows versions or with newer hardware.

Booting Windows 7 with grub2

With grub2 apparently something like this could work for Windows 7:

Option A assumes your bootable USB stick/HDD is the first device and has a msdos style partition table. Adjust to match your configuration. If your boot device has a GPT partition table, then most likely you'll need to use (hd0,gpt1) (GPT in general is trickier to set up).

Option B uses the drive's unique UUID, which can be seen on Linux with sudo blkid or on OSX with e.g. diskutil info disk0s1 (or Disk Utility > Info).

Grub2 Boot Windows Install Iso

The final entry might look for example like this:


Grub Bootloader Iso

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