Miracle Driver Installation for Windows 7+8+10 32bit-64bit Download. Miracle Driver Installation 32bit-64bit.

  1. If you had used Miracle Box, then you would have known the benefits of using this mind-blowing application. Some of the guys, which are our regular visitors, encountered a problem while installing Miracle box drivers. As, you know Miracle box is flashing box, which helps you in flashing of your phone with just one tap.
  2. Apr 22, 2019  So, probably you have not installed Miracle Box drivers on your computer. Today, we are going to provide you the miracle box driver, just tap on the download button and get the driver on your computer. Miracle box is one of the most used, followed and efficient tools to flash your mobile phone. For those who do not want to spend money on flash.
  3. Miracle Box driver is a universal tool, specially designed for flashing, repairing and releasing the vast majority of Chinese cell phones. Miracle Box allows to read/write flash, repair IMEI without flashing the device and other technical support operations for mobile phones based on the supported processors. If you want to flash your china phone, you.
  4. Miracle Box is a great app for mobile technicians and people who need to fix the complex problems of their smartphones. In this article, we tell you what Miracle Box is, the advantages of it, and how you will set this up step by step.

Miracle box driver is the essential tool for every china mobile unblocking or flashing. Although this software was design for the exceptionally Chinese mobile, it supports equally android mobile and China mobile. This tool helps you to unblock, restore, repair, and flash the mobile phone. So if you want to flash your china mobile, you can download this tool by clicking the download button. Now read full details about this tool. Download Miracle Box Update Setup File. Miracle driver installation V1.00 64-bit windows 7.

Miracle Box Driver Setup 32-Bit 64-Bit Sownload

  • Tips For Miracle Box Driver Setup And Use
  • Downloda Miracle Box Setup File

For unblocking the china mobile phone, you need to download the miracle box driver on your pc. If you want to download the driver, you can click on the download button. Here two driver files, one for the 32-bit windows pc and another file for the 64-bit operating system.Miracle box driver 1.8.0 download.

First, you need to download the miracle driver by clicking the download link. When you download the file, then you need to install it on your pc. If your computer has any antivirus software, you can see it an error. For that, you need to off the antivirus software on your computer. Now restarting your pc so that your laptop activates the application and the driver is installed. After rebooting your pc then it will be ready for the flashing any mobiles. Miracle Box 64-bit download.

You can backup you’re all mobile data, like the image, video, audio, document, and SMS, etc., because after flashing your phone you will be lost your mobile all data. So, keep your all mobile data on your pc, for that after flashing you can again restore your all data on your smartphone.Miracle driver installation 1.8.0 download.

When you connect your phone to the pc, that time make sure that your device is switch off and connect your phone to the pc by using an original USB data cable. And when you see a message the phone is connected to the tool then open or switch on your smartphone. Now you can flash your smartphone.Miracle driver installation 1.00 free download.

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Downloda Miracle Box Setup File

Download Miracle Box Setup File Latest Version 2019. How to Use Miracle Box Step By Step Guidelines

First, download and install the software by clicking the download link. After downloading the software then install it on your pc. Then launch Mmiracle box tool and click on the MTK. Then select the write option, after that you need to choose the Format all [Android] option. After that you need to determine the ROM / firmware where the location is saved, so pick the folder-like button. After that, you need to select the start button. The connect your smartphone by using the USB cable and press the“ power” key or “Volume + and Volume.” Then your smartphone connects to the pc then click on the ok. Now click the ok button then you need to wait for few minutes for the process the flash and complete. Miracle box all MTk driver.

Now you already know what the miracle box driver is and how to download it. If you follow all step, I hope you success to flash your Chinese mobile. But remember that when you flash your mobile that time you can back up your all data on your pc. Because when you flash your Smartphone that time, you will be lost your all data.Miracle box installation 32 bit download.


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Miracle Box driver is a universal tool, specially designed for flashing, repairing and releasing the vast majority of Chinese cell phones. Miracle Box allows to read/write flash, repair IMEI without flashing the device and other technical support operations for mobile phones based on the supported processors. If you want to flash your china phone, you can download it from here.Nokia mtk usb driver 64 bit for China brand all mobile usb driverspd 7731 flash tool

Some people still consider it a fake app.They think that it is impossible to run Windows OS on an Android platform. It is absolutely wrong. Change my software 8 edition download free.

Features of Miracle Box Driver:

  • Repair IMEI without the need for flashing
  • A large number of flash files
  • One of the largest processor bases
  • Support for MTK 6252/6253
  • Support for the most recent models of MSTAR processors and others
  • Automatic repair of IMEI
  • Automatic finder pin
  • Automatic software update function
  • Multilingual software interface

Miracle Box supported SPD, CoolSand, MTK and MSTAR processors.

Tips for Miracle box driver

To use Miracle box driver you need to download it from our given download link. Install the setup file on your PC. Turn off antivirus, if you have. Otherwise, the antivirus will stop the installation process. Miracle box mainly used for flashing Chinese phones. Backup all of your important data before flashing with this box. miracle box installation

Changing a rom is known as flashing a phone, it is also called flashing to reinstall the original rom for some failure. In some phones like Samsung, the brand offers a very simple software to flash ROM, but on most phones, it is not offered. You must have a high-quality USB 3.0 cable to do flashing. Low-quality cable can damage your device and PC. Now, download miracle box driver from here. spd su2serial port driver

CM2 dongle driver Smart Card windows 7.8.10. 64 bit 32 bit

How is the ROM upgrade on a Chinese mobile?

Although it may seem logical and simple, the truth is that in practice it is quite cumbersome.If you are used to receiving updates via OTA and update the Android version of your phone without connecting anything, without wires and simply touching on accept, let me get ahead that maybe a Chinese phone is not what you are looking for.miracle box driver windows 10 64 bit

Maybe it sounds to you or you know other systems of support and update as it is the Odin of Samsung or the HTC RUU. The system used to update phones with SoC MediaTek is similar, but of course not the same.

I take it for granted that you all know it, but just in case I say it here. The ROMs of Chinese phones are not compatible although it may seem that by technical characteristics the phones are the same. This means that if you have an HDC Galaxy S4 H9500 do not ever think of putting it on a Goophone X7 or something like that because all you would get is to turn your phone into a nice paperweight.


Another, although it does not seem from here of ROMs and updates for Chinese Android phones, there are a lot. Of course almost none are official, and of course, also almost all the support (like tutorials or guides) is in Chinese and many of the ROMs too.

Having said that, what I am going to tell you is how to update or change one ROM for another in a general way. Of course, then every ROM will have its particularities. miracle box setup windows 7 64 bit

Miracle box driver download 32 bit 64 bit 2018 setup

Download 32/64 bit:

How to flash Chinese phone with Miracle box driver?

Let’s now see step by step what needs to be done (In Windows):

  • Go to My Computer, and we will click the right button of the mouse, in the pop-up menu, we will select Manage.
  • Open the Device Manager.
  • Turn off the phone and remove the battery.
  • Connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable.
  • Install the miracle box driver.
  • Note: Click on the option Preloader quickly, or you will have to disconnect and reconnect the USB again.
  • Disconnect the USB cable ignoring the phone warnings.
  • Run Miracle box that you downloaded before and click on Scatter-loading to load the file containing the update ROM and select the option scatter.txt
  • Click Download or Firmware-> Upgrade.
  • You can now put the battery in the phone, but do not turn it on yet.

Connect the USB cable again and download the ROM to the phone. This process can take several minutes.When the process is finished, a green circle will appear in the image. Until then it is very important that you do not touch anything and that you do not disconnect anything.

Once finished, you can disconnect everything and restart the phone. The new ROM is already installed. cm2 dongle setup download

Final thought,

Now, you have downloaded Miracle box driver. Each Android phone is slightly different, depending on the brand, model and capacity, it has slightly different versions of the operating system. The operating system installation files of a specific phone are called rom. This driver is suitable for flashing Chinese device ROM. If miracle box doesn’t work properly, install the driver again and reconnect your device with USB cable.

Free Download Miracle Drivers Online

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