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For a long time, people have been asking for a condensed post or somewhere were every piece of ROM hacking knowledge can be easily accessed, so I'll be using the main post of this thread and update it as I make new discoveries (or someone else really), this should hopefully motivate people to poke around some more and hopefully get the ROM hacking scene off to a good start (This will not cover. Play Download Fire Emblem Gba Rom Hacks Video Game Roms Online! Download Fire Emblem Gba Rom Hacks Games can be Played in Your Browser right here on Description: Download Fire Emblem Road to Ruin (Hack) ROM for the GameBoy Advance. The game ROM file comes in.gba format. Fire Emblem Road to Ruin (Hack) is a Hack/Tactical RPG video game published by Primefusion released on December 2, 2017 for the GameBoy Advance.

Jun 23, 2015  ROM hacks, fan games and their discussion belong here. Links to ROMs are NOT allowed, but patches are fine. Fire Emblem ROMhacks & Fangames: A non-exhaustive masterpost There’s a second part to this post here, but please read this one first (sorry in advance for some poor quality, inconsistently sized.

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Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves

Mar 23, 2013  Fire Emblem – Message Board. Elibian Knights is quite good as well. Infuriating at times (DAMN YOU HALBERDIERS), buy really fun. MK404's hack is still basically FE7 with random chars from anime or other games thrown in. Quite fun if you're just looking for a simple hack as the maps are basically the same. One of those hacks from the obscure Fire Emblem fangame base. Anyways, it’s a story and difficulty up hack like many other FE hacks with its own custom maps, items, and units. There was yet another human-dragon war on the continent of Blaine but the humans, unable to match their strength, fled to the lands of Solum.

This is the original Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves version. There was another version made for the Game Boy, and the games are nearly identical to every last detail, and I'll point out the differences soon. This is a video game version of the movie that had Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman. Usually, movie games are either good or horrible. This game is an exception, as it is one of the few that fa..
Pokemon - Hypno's Lullaby

Best Fire Emblem Rom Hacks Gba

Once upon a time there was a somewhat popular creepypasta known as hypno's lullaby. This creepypasta revolved around a hypno that would kidnap children with this lullaby and then well.. kill them. You can read this creepypasta for yourself if you Google it. Dedicated fans have been known to make hacks based on their favorite creepypastas, this is one such game. The story does not play out exactl..
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Fire Emblem The Last Promise

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Castlevania - Rondo of Blood (english translation)
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