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AVIcodec is a free multimedia file analyser for Windows.
  1. Edius Avi Codec Download
  2. Samsung Avi Codec Download
  3. Windows Avi Codec Download

Edius Avi Codec Download

If you have a codec problem, and are not a 'power' user, I suggest you first install on your computer a Codec Pack.
If you want more precise information, then use AVIcodec which will tell you the codec required and where to download it.
  • Warning ! I am not the author of, which contains a trojan spyware !
  • Recognized formats :
    • Natively : AVI & DIVX, ASF & WMV, Real (.rm, .rmvb), Ogg (.ogg, .ogm), Mpeg-(S)VCD-DVD (.mpg, .vob), FLV
    • Others : all those handled by DirectShow (.mp3, ..).
  • Features : install program, tooltips, drag & drop support, accessible from contextual menu in Explorer, export of all the information, recusive directory analysis, ..
  • Languages : Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian.
    If your language is not there, please help me to add a translation in your language.
  • Code : Borland C++ Builder 6. Source for 1.1, 1.2b113, 1.2 last version
    I decided to release this code to the community because I do not have any time to continue the developpement to release 1.3 version which should have merged with MediaInfo project.
  • Explications en français :Paco Elgino, Patarien
  • Contact :Philippe Duby (Lyon, France)
  • Download location :
    Last version (1.2 build 113 - jan 2007) can be downloaded here : France, Poland with, USA with
  • Last codec database :codecs.xml, to be put in AVIcodec directory
Information about codecs
    Download a codec pack
    Find/Download codec
    Other codec site
    Codec analyser
    Multimedia players
  • BS player, forum
    Multimedia tool
  • abcAVI Tag Editor
Information about multimedia
  • Digital Digest, and its forum
  • Doom9, and its forum
  • Planete numérique, and its forum
Information about file formats
  •, container formats
  • Wikipedia, container format
  • Wikipedia, comparison of container formats
  • Wikipedia, list of file formats
  • Media Convert?, online file converter
  • Xconv, online file converter
  • Zamzar, online file converter
3GP - K3G, aka 3rd Generation Partnership Project
  • Wikipedia, on 3GP
ASF, aka Advanced Systems Format
  • Wikipedia on ASF
  • on ASF
  • ASF Spec 1.2
AVI, Audio Video Interleave
  • Wikipedia on AVI
  • on AVI
  • VirtualDub (with source)
DIVX Media Format
  • DivX Media Format File SDK
F4V/FLV, FLash Video
  • FLV format at Wikipedia
  • FLVMDI, a FLV MetaData Injector tool (no source)
  • FLVTool2, a manipulation tool for FLV (Ruby)
  • FLV Info, FLV info tool (Perl)
GVI, Google Video
  • GVI format at Wikipedia
MKV / Matroska / MCF
  • Wikipedia on Matroska
  • on Matroska
MOV / QuickTime
  • Wikipedia on QuickTime
  • on QuickTime
  • Apple QuickTime, File Format
  • Wikipedia on MPEG-2
  • Free MPEG Software (with source)
  • FlaskMpeg (with source)
  • Freeware MPEG Audio/Video/VideoCD Encoders (with source)
  • La compression des images animées, PDF (french)
  • Wikipedia on MPEG-4
  • GPAC, a multimedia framework based on the MPEG-4 Systems standard
  • Mpeg4IP, Open Source, Open Standards, Open Streaming tools
OGM, aka OGg Media
  • Wikipedia on OGM
RMVB, aka RealMedia Variable Bitrate
  • Wikipedia on RMVB
Video for Windows & DirectShow & DirectX SDK
  • The March Hare, DirectShow information
Information on audio
  •, The Audio Technology Enthusiast's Resource
  •, Open Source AAC codecs
  • Fraunhofer IIS, Audio & Multimedia Technology
  • Lame project
  • SoX, Sound eXchange
  • Musepack, audio coder & decoder
  •, ressources audio (French)
Other AVI tools
  • AVI Info, VB5 source code available
  • Doom9 source page
  • Mplayer (Linux), source code available
Borland & DirectX
  • Borland lib for DX 9 (fr)

AVI is a popular container file format used for standard definition video and is the container used by DivX® video versions 3 through 6. AVI files can hold different types of video and audio streams inside, and with the help of DivX video compression technology, they can display incredible video quality while maintaining a small file size. If the video you want to play is on your hard disk, but not in this library, you should add the video to the Videos library so taht you can access it at any time via the. Avi codec pack free download - Rex's AVI Codec Pack, Media Player Codec Pack, Codec Decoder Pack, and many more programs. Nov 11, 2018  AV1 Video Codec extension is available for free and you can get it on all Windows 10 devices including the PC and Surface Hub. The codec is currently available to download.

Samsung Avi Codec Download

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Windows Avi Codec Download

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