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Jan 05, 2011  On the right hand panel right click on 'ConfigMgr PXE service point' and choose 'Delete'. In the 'Confirm Delete' dialog box, click on the 'Yes' button. On the server where the PXE Service Point is being uninstalled, navigate to the ConfigMgr 2007 site server log location using Windows Explorer. Dear All, I am trying to deplou win 10 using the PXE boot option. I have done the following so far. Added the Captured win 10 image within SCCM, with Add operating system images and been distributed successfully.

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I have DHCP/TFTP/Syslinux installed on my computer in the LAN. With it I can boot any images on any other LAN computers, including diskless, for example, Memtest86+ and it works.

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Also I have some bootable ISO files, which I am using while installing various OSes onto virtual machines.

Can I connect both, i.e. boot some arbitrary ISO with PXE?

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Having just DHCP/TFTP and SYSLINUX is not enough for being able to PXE boot/install 'any' bootable ISO out there.Take a look at Serva (I'm related to Serva development) starting here

and continuing here

You can see there how to automatically PXE install MS Windows OSs and also how to install Linux distros and boot the live versions of them.You can eventually reproduce what Serva does with your favorite PXE server.

Pxe Boot Ports

You can also see Microsoft WDS and MDT but they are just focused on MS OSs.


Windows Deployment Services Pxe Boot Linux

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