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  2. Thamarai Serial In Youtube On 5/2/2018
GenreSoap opera
Created byRaadhika
Written byRaadhika
Screenplay byDevibala
Story byRadaan Mediaworks
Directed by
  • M. K. Arunthavaraja (1–200)
  • Kuruvithurai K. J. Thangapandiyan (201–357)
  • A. Ramachandran (358–598)
  • Hafees (599–991)
  • S. Anand Babu (991–1129)
Creative director(s)Raadhika
  • Sailatha
  • Swetha
  • Ferozkhan
  • Mahalakshmi
Theme music composerHari
Opening theme'Agayam Kanatha Venmingalae'
Original language(s)Tamil
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes1,129
Producer(s)Radaan Mediaworks
Production location(s)Tamil Nadu
Editor(s)S. Mahendra Kumar
Running timec. 20–22 minutes
Production company(s)Radaan Mediaworks
Original networkSun TV
Picture format
  • 576i (SDTV)
  • 1080i (HDTV)
Original release3 November 2014 –
4 August 2018

Thamarai (English: Lotus) is a 2014–2018 Tamilsoap opara that aired on Sun TV in India. The show was broadcast from 3 November 2014 to 4 August 2018, completing 1,129 episodes. The show starred Neelima Rani, Nirosha, Ashwin Kumar, Ferozkhan, and Swetha. The actors Rani, Kumar and Mahalakshmi had previously been cast in the 2009–2013 Sun TV soap opera Chellamay.[1][2]

The show was directed by M. K. Arunthavaraja, Kuruvidurai K. J. Thangapandiyan, A. Ramachandran, Hafees, and S. Anand Babu, and was produced by Radaan Mediaworks.[3]

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  • 2Cast

Plot summary[edit]

Sneha is a middle-class working girl who lives with her aunt Raji. Raji informs her that Karunakaran, a prisoner believed to have killed Sneha's mother, is also her father and Raji's elder brother. Sneha refuses to accept Karunakaran as her father.

Sneha falls in love with Dwarkesh, whose father Raghavan opposes the relationship. Sneha works in the same company as Rajiv, Dwarkesh's older brother who eloped with his rich girlfriend Uma, and Raghavan wants nothing to do with him. Sneha and Dwarkesh secretly register their marriage. Uma tries to cause conflict by exposing this. However, Raghavan accepts the marriage when he discovers that Dwarkesh and Sneha are cousins, and they have a ceremonial wedding.

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Uma tries to become a better person, but her daughter Kushi isn't willing to accept her. To set an example, Sneha accepts Karunakaran as her father – her mother was actually killed by Muthulakshmi – and Kushi does likewise with Uma. Karunakaran is ill and Sneha prepares to donate a kidney, but discovers she is pregnant. When she considers aborting the baby in order to save her father's life, Dwarkesh sends her out of their home, but later believes this was a mistake. It is revealed that Sneha has died, but look-alike Kavitha threatens Dwarkesh and steals money.

Sushma[who?] wins the heart of the Mayil family. Muthulakshmi plots for Kavitha to impersonate Sneha and kill DK,[who?] Karunakaran and Raji, but Kavitha/Sneha[clarification needed] is instead reunited with the Raghavan family. To prevent Shankar[who?] from forcibly marrying Kashthuri,[who?] Dwarakesh marries her instead, but is shocked when he later sees Kavitha. Kashthuri and Kavitha then fight to be the wife of Dwarakesh.

In Poombarai, Sneha is captured by Sudhakar[who?] but released after saving his psychotic brother Dhanush. Dhanush, however, attempts to forcibly marry her, and is arrested by Dwarakesh and Sudhakar.

Sushma gives birth to a boy. Sushma and Sneha are jailed for burying Rahul, who was beneath Sushma's bed.[clarification needed] They are blamed by Rahul's mother though Muthulakshmi's sister Kanagadurga was behind it. Sushma is later captured by a henchman of Durga,[who?] but they are all killed.[clarification needed] Sushma returns home and the Mayil family and the Raghavan-Karunakaran family go their separate ways to live in happiness.


Main cast[edit]

  • Neelima Rani in a dual role as Sneha Dwarakesh and Kavitha (Kavitha died in the serial, killed by Mayilvaghanan)
  • Ashwin Kumar as Dwarakesh Raghavan
  • Sailatha as Uma Rajiv
  • Absar as Rajiv Raghavan
  • Nirosha as Rajalakshmi
  • Aravind as Shyam Ganesh
  • Mahalakshmi as Kasthuri
  • Ferozkhan as Inspector Mayilvaghanan
  • Swetha as Sushma Mayilvaghanan
  • Shilpa in a dual role as the main antagonists Muthulakshmi (died) and Kanagadurga (Muthulakshmi's sister)
  • 'Deivam Thantha Veedu' Nisha as Kumuthavalli (Kumutha)
  • Nisha as Aishwarya (Sushma's friend)
  • Samantha as Swarnalatha

Recurring cast[edit]

  • L. Raja as Karunakaran
  • Srilekha Rajendran as Shantha (Mayil's mother)
  • Vasavi as Satya, Mayil's sister
  • Babitha as Shyamala Raghavan (Rajiv, Meena and Dwarakesh's mother)
  • T. V. Varadarajan as Raghavan
  • Dharshini as Kushi Rajiv
  • Jairam in a dual role as Pradeep Choudry and Sanjay
  • Sai Mahesh as Dayalan
  • Swapna as Meena Saravanan
  • Vasanth Gopinath as Saravanan
  • Krish as Deena Dhayalan
  • Priyanka as Nethra Sanjay
  • Adhitya as Dhanush

Former Cast[edit]

  • Jyothi Reddy as Kasthuri Karunakaran, sister of Raghavan and mother of Sneha (killed by Muthulakshmi)
  • M.J. Shriram as Gajendran (main antagonist, Uma's and Swarnalatha's father; committed suicide)
  • Baboos as Pethaperumal
  • Puviarasu as Dr.Sakkarai
  • Dhanalakshmi as Anjali
  • Anushree as Sushma (replaced by Swetha)
  • Mahesh/Mithun
  • Vijay Lokesh as Sunil/Victor(Sunil, killed by Sushma)
  • Shridhar as R.D. Choudry (IG Sir, died in the serial)
  • Sambhavi as Priya Sanjay (died in the serial)
  • Rani as IG Sir's wife Rudhra
  • T.R. Latha as IG Sir's mother-in-law
  • Aravind as Shyam Ganesh
  • Nathan Shyam as Kathir
  • Sivaji Manohar as Divakar

International broadcast[edit]

The show was released domestically on 3 November 2014 on Sun TV and Sun TV HD. It was broadcast internationally on the channel's international distribution. It aired in Sri Lanka, South East Asia, the Middle East, United States, Canada, Europe, Oceania, South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa on Sun TV. The show's episodes were released on YouTube channel Radaan TV.

  • It aired in the Singaporestarhub channel.
  • It aired in LondonTamil Channel on IBC Tamil.


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  • Official Website(in English)
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Vellai Thamarai
வெள்ளை தாமரை
GenreTamil soap opera
Created byAbhinaya Creations
Written byR.S.Balamurugan
Screenplay byJ.K
Story byJ.K
Directed byMani Barathy
R. Dhandapani
Creative director(s)J.K.Anand
Vasu Vikaram
Theme music composerC.Sathya
Opening theme'Vellai Thamaraiyo'
Srinivas (vocals)
Kadhalmathi (lyrics)
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Tamil
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes359
Producer(s)Radha Krishnaswamy
Production location(s)Tamil Nadu
Editor(s)K. Udayakumar
M. Premkumar
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeapprox. 20-22 minutes per episode
Production company(s)Abhinaya Creations
Original networkSun TV
Original release23 January 2012 –
28 June 2013

Vellai Thamarai (English: White Lotus) is a Tamil soap opera that aired Monday through Friday on Sun TV from 23 January 2012 to 28 June 2013 for 359 episodes. The show starred Abhishek, Vasu Vikiram, Pushpalatha, Thanush and among others. It was produced by Abhinaya Creations Radha Krishnasamy, director by Mani Barathy and R. Dhandapaany.[1][2][3]


  • Vasu Vikiram
  • Pushpalatha
  • Dhanush
  • Neasan
  • Srajmathan
  • M.L.A Thangaraj
  • Ravi
  • Azhagu
  • Veera
  • Naveen
  • Shrihari
  • Abishek
  • Pirasanna
  • Meenakshi

International broadcast[edit]

  • In Sri LankaTamil Channel on Vasantham TV and aired Monday to Friday 10.00AM with Sinhala Language subtitle.

Thamarai Serial In Youtube 2017

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  • Official Website(in English)
  • Sun TV Network(in English)
  • Sun Group(in English)

Thamarai Serial In Youtube On 5/2/2018

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