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Time After Time: A love story written as a screenplay

This is a very unusual love story, written as a screenplay. It is about a history professor who undergoes hypnosis to overcome his recurring nightmares and regresses to his past life as a Ci..

Free Download Astrology Books In English Pdf


Eden: a planet so unlike the imagery evoked by its name as to be the embodiment of sarcasm itself.Torn apart by a violent, bloody civil war that had already lasted decades, the people wh..

Creating Believable Characters

Creating authentic, compelling characters is a vital aspect of creating amazing fiction. The tips in this book should be useful to anyone who writes novels, short stories, or any other form..


This novel was written in 2011 under my alternate penname Leo Croix. I planned on making it the first in a new series but never got around to it. Now I think it's time to revive that ide..

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Free Download Astrology Books In Marathi Pdf

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    Mankind has been reading the stars for signs...

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